Term 1 Wrap-up 2021

Although it felt like a slow start in January, looking back over these past three months we have accomplished so much! We started off with fencing off our Allotment area and growing a basket full of our own veggies. At the same time, we launched our primary and senior phases, simultaneously setting up their classroom and welcoming a number of new students to our wonderful school. Wow, we really have a lot to celebrate.

This term our kindergarteners have explored the ocean, chameleons, and Easter as their learning themes. They have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of our allotment space, as well as getting more creative by making their own chameleons and sewing their very own little chickens for Easter. We had a snorkelling afternoon together and that was an incredibly special treat.

Our primary class, who have named themselves “The Wolves”, had such a wonderful introduction to their academic year. With all the nerves that come with starting ‘Big School,’ we eased them into their academic expectations and made their classroom feel like an extension of their home. They have the freedom to take brain breaks if needed, which means running around outside and climbing a jungle gym, and if they have managed to persevere and complete all their work, with added gusto, they get to enjoy the privilege of a cup of tea or hot chocolate in our class lounge.

We have completed six weeks of our phonics program ‘Read for Africa’ and the group has started to write their own sentences. Their buddy reading is going so well.

Both primary and senior classes have learned about seeds and plant growth, which included many experiments and practical applications. We then explored the living book of ‘Jock and the Bushveld’ which brought out many themes including, cardinal points, map-work, South African history, and animal studies.

Our senior class has embraced the mixed-grade classroom with enthusiasm and patience. It has been difficult to navigate at times, but we have made great learning strides this term. We are convinced that the Cambridge system is the way to go with our academic learning, and parents and students alike are all in for the adventure.

It has been a great term of laying the foundation for our school and we are so looking forward to all the learning that is going to happen this year. But after hard work comes some good rest! We wish all our families a wonderful Easter break filled with rest and family fun.

We have many fun things in store for Term 2 so watch this space.