“An observant child should be put in the way of things worth observing.”


A Living Education

Ambleside Ballito fosters educational renewal based on Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and practice. We serve the Ballito community by providing a living education to students and families.

Here your child is viewed as a complete person, created by God with a desire to learn. We engage your child with a relational method, rich curriculum and the gentle formation of academic, moral, and interpersonal habits

Inspired Teachers

High teacher-to-child ratios of 1:10 enables teachers to focus on creating a calm, natural and relational atmosphere, to immerse the student in, so that the focus remains on learning.

Unique Children

Each child is precious & unique, created in the very image of God with vast potential, & worthy of respect. Each child is able & desires to learn, according to how he or she is designed.

Christ Centered

A Christ-centered school acknowledges the sovereignty of God, the authority of the Word of God, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit in all of life.

An Ambleside Parent Shared…

“From the first day of school, I could tell Ambleside was going to be a different experience for my child. Normally his response to my question, “How was your day?”, would be “Boring” or “I have sooooo much homework.” But now when I ask “How was your day?”, his normal response is “Great!”, and he proceeds to tell me about the things he learned that day.

He literally talks for about thirty minutes about what was discussed at school…very unusual for an eleven year old. His focus has shifted from merely getting a particular grade on a test, to simply learning….and he’s learning a ton!”

Application Process

  1. Fill in the application forms
  2. Visit the school
  3. Parent interview

Applications for our 2023 Pre-school to Grade 5 classes are currently open. Please click the “apply” button for more information on our application process.