Our First Family Camp Out

We strongly believe that learning should be experiential, and that it is best achieved within a community.

To celebrate the end of our first official term and to begin our tradition of family involvement we decided to have a family camp out on break-up day. The kids had been learning about first aid and how to make a fire and could not wait to put their new skills into action. We found the ideal campsite. Only an hour drive away from school and home to some beautiful walks and waterfalls. On arrival it was misty and cold but that in no way dampened our spirits. We set up tents, played some muddy touch rugby and gave everyone time to settle in and get to know each other. That night we braai’d, made s’mores, sang around the campfire and watched as the kids had a dance party with glow sticks and flying ants.

The next morning was a beautiful sunny day. After a yummy bacon and egg roll breakfast we set off to the waterfall for a swim. The walk was the perfect distance for little legs. Despite the icy water most of the campers waded out to the waterfall to experience the feel of the water. Refreshing is the first word that comes to mind! We took a moment to pray together as a community before we all set home again. We are so grateful for all that God has given us and that our children can experience all of this life. The only downside to the camp is that it was only 1 night long… no one was quite ready to go home yet.

It is so important that families are a part of the learning journey. There is so much that we can learn from each other and this can only happen when we spend time in each others company.  And when we take ourselves out of our normal environment and become a little “uncomfortable” that is when the fun begins, as we get to experience the world differently and we call upon different skills within ourselves to get things done. I think it’s safe to say that we have successfully created a new tradition within our school and that students and parents alike are looking forward to our next trip.